Sur le site ossète, hier soir, des faits de guerre commis par les soldats Géorgiens en Ossétie du Sud ont été traduits en anglais pour les lecteurs non-russophones de plus en plus nombreux sur le site. Je rapporte ici ce texte sans traduction :

Notice: specially for English-speaking visitors - a word-for-word translation of the post previously published at

Georgians and their US-masters would never be forgiven for recent mass slaughter in South Ossetia. Brutal massacre of S. Ossetian civilians by Georgian army during the first days of military operation was nothing but an extreme point of man-hatred. A few examples of acts of genocide are given below.

The road from regional hub Znaur to the village of Dzhava is covered with corpses of S. Ossetian civilians - including women, elders and children. It’s still impossible to bury the dead as all moving objects in that area immediately come under fire of Georgian snipers and artillery.   

Tkhsinval, August 8, 2008. According to eyewitnesses a group of S. Ossetian children was burnt alive inside two refugee’s minibuses which headed to Vladikavkaz.

The Khetagurovo massacre - another tragedy of Zharsk province. All young ladies of Khetagurovo village were kidnapped and driven away in unknown direction. Other villagers - men, women and elders were blocked in the building of local church and set on fire. Children were murdered separately. Georgians chopped children’s heads off in presence of their parents. Kidnapped girls have been raped and tortured, their genitals disfigured.

We want to believe that after all Saakashvili’s junta will face adeserved trial soon.